Dedicated to my Lil Earth Baby Lira Amina Ferjuste

🩷🤎💚 Meet the Founder 🩷🤎💚

Widlyne Saint-Simon is a mother of 4 whom for the past 17 years has dedicated part of her life to educating women and families on maternal health and alternative remedies to help bring comfort to you and your family. Following her Haitian roots, she has made it a mission to bring awareness to the importance of using foods to help maintain a healthy thriving family. As a Graduate Midwife and active Certified Doula, her love for all things natural only grew deeper as her own family multiplied and saw the need to find the best way to bring comfort to her children during uncomfortable growing pains we all know our little ones face as they grow into themselves. The name Earth Baby, is inspired by her little girl Lira who would go missing due to her love for being outdoors. This beautiful connection she has with nature literally helped cultivate and confirmed for Widlyne that the EARTH provides everything that our body needs, if we'll simply allow it to. Welcome to Earth Baby 🩷🤎💚

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